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Gospel Magic

What is Gospel Magic or Gospel Illusions.

Chee Chee and Bjou' and sometimes Chester himself, use card tricks, rope tricks, balloons and juggling to share the Gospel. You get to see the Gospel in a whole new way! All these are just tricks that any one can learn. There is no "magic" involved, in fact I explain that at the begining of each show.

There is a card trick that teaches you God is all around you, right there in plain sight.

A rope trick to teach about the man in the vineyard that hired people at different times of the day.

Card trick about how Jesus forgave those that put Him on the cross and how we should follow Him.

Linking rings to teach about all things are possible.

One trick talks about doughting Thomas

There are a few tricks just for fun and a few other things thrown in for laughs and giggles.

Juggling to teach about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Balloon tricks to show how the Holly Spirit fills you and how God wants to change you.

This is a short list of things that are done during a show and at the end there is usually an Alter Call.

Shows can be 5  to 45 minutes and you can have a balloon session afterwards where the clown you chose to come can make balloon figures for everyone.

I am also connected with a Christian Clown Group from the New Hope Church in Walton, NY. We do mime acts to songs and skits.





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