Chee Chee the Clown

Clown for any family friendly event
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There are five clown characters that can you can chose from to come to your next event.

Chee Chee is a hobo. He got tired of hopping the trains, so he decided to settle down a little. The train whistles still have their allure at times. He shops at all the finest dumpsters. Chee Chee is a very happy hobo and is very happy with his way of life. He loves making balloon figure. He also performs magic and Gospel magic along with some juggling. Check out the Gospel Magic page.









Bjou' is of French Huguenot decent. If you know about the Huguenot they left France in the 1600's for religious freedom. The "church" didn't think they were worshiping right. Well Bjou' is carring out that tradition when he performs his Gospel Magic Shows. He also likes to make balloon figures, Chee Chee taught him well. He also does magic and juggling.


One  our of clowns  would love to come to your next family friendly event. They love to clown at fairs, festivals, fund raisers, trade shows, reunions, seminars, grand openings, parties and parades. A clown can come to your church too! YES!!! You can have fun in church. It's the jo(e)y of the Lord!!!